Sonntag, 31. Mai 2015

DC 169: Youth

When I was young...

Smoking my first (and only to date...) cigar

Dancing in my sisters studio in Roubaix
Youth was an exciting time. But I still feel young!

More youth you will find here. Enjoy it!

Thanks for this wonderful theme dear Ariane!

Just one more from summer 1996:

Voluntary lawn mowed. I must have been crazy ...

9 Kommentare:

  1. Ha, how silly were we, and how full of fun! Well, we try to dance round here every chance we get...but no

  2. I am happy you chose these pictures, dear sister! I was with you at both!
    So jung kommen wir nicht mehr zusammen...
    Roubaix... oh oui, formidable!
    x Stefanie

    1. As I spent most of my youth with you together, the choice was easy :-)

  3. Oh man you make me laugh! Cigars and dancing and sisters and the exuberance of youth. Silly, fun times. Or enough angst to write volumes of dark
    sad poetry no one would ever see. Thanks for the memories. xo Carole

  4. Liebe Katrin,
    so much sister love in your youth (and still on, same here) feels familiar! Are you still blond?
    Thank you for sharing your photos, for playing.

    Cheers, Ariane of Rose.

    1. Liebe Ariane,
      blond war nur eine Phase in der Jugend. Bin wieder naturfarben, aber noch bisschen (blond)blöd ;-) Wobei ich schon mal wieder Lust auf kurz und blond hätte, aber das geben die Haare nicht mehr her und dann die vielen Falten im Gesicht... Neues Thema: age? Lol!
      Haben wir schon ein neues Thema?
      Cheers to HH, Katrin

  5. that sigar! ;^))
    never smoked
    but boy did we dance!
    with friends
    i do not have a sweet sister
    like you have ;^))

  6. so fun to have a glimpse into your youth
    that still lives within you ~