Samstag, 6. Juni 2015

DC 170: MOVE

This post is still moving. So please come again later.

In between please visit all the other MOVErs: ArianeTammie LeeVeronicaMarianNadineLuciaRoberto and Eric
Anybody else?

Now I move on!

See you later again.

Here some moves from me:

Jumping is one of the best moves.
But also dancing!

I have to move on. See you soon!

8 Kommentare:

  1. i am trying to move my pencil to do something about move, but it seems my neurons dont wanna move!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. hahaha, you are really the funniest man! what is with your neurons? Are they now in motion?

  2. that's exactly what i mean, and that's what jacques henri lartigue did best with his jump pictures. catch that move... ;))) n♥

  3. fun photos of motion!
    thank you for hosting!

  4. Fabulous photos! I wish I hadn't been so busy so I could have joined in this week's challenge.
    Instead I will enjoy everyones from the sideline. Have a great week! xo Carole

  5. Diese Fotos machen gute Laune. Danke.

  6. Great photographs! I love them. They are so filled with energy :)
    Sorry to be late to the DC, but glad to be here :)

  7. I told you my neurons are in low motion!!! just a few minutes ago, I could make my DC.
    I like to see pictures of children having fun. I hope that now you keep having fun with such relish :))))))