Sonntag, 31. Januar 2016

dc 186: shinrin yoku

Dear Veronica is our host this weekend with shinrin yoku.

I actually was in the Bavarian Forest, established in 1970 as the first national park in Germany.

I do al lot of shinrin yoku, but most of it indoor because of my injured knee (walking in the snow is not good).

garlic soup - not typically bavarian, but fine

old farmyard

outdoor kitchen at my godmother, only used in summer

sculpture park from Heinz Theuerjahr

Timmy, the shy cat
For more forest bathing please visit Veronica.

6 Kommentare:

  1. it is good to do forest bathing how ever it works for each of us.
    even if it is glancing out of the window. caring for ones knees is important.

  2. Oh the knees! Keep warm.
    Happy week to you.

  3. Oh such a frosty winter you're having. No wonder Timmy is inside. Love the snowy view though. Actually, I love snowy winters and snowy forests, just hardly ever get them here in the temperate rain forest. But now I want to drive out into the mountains and have a little snowy forest bathing...with my camera of course. :D

  4. bavaria has snow! whoh-hooh!!

    maybe here's another distraction for you to further rest your knee? check out here and feel very welcome indeed. get better soon! n♥

  5. I think you can walk indoor also with your imagination, by the more far places! Beautiful pics!!!!!!!!!!!!! i like your Godmother outdoor kitchen!

  6. aha, jetzt weiss ich endlich auch, wie es bei G. aussieht...
    kannst ja bald mit repariertem Knie wieder hinfahren!
    x Stefanie