Sonntag, 23. November 2014

drawing challenge: rara avis

For this drawing challenge I had to google first what "rara avis" means.

I had several ideas, but then I remembered this situation a few years ago:

I was traveling by bike to work. When I cross the bridge, where my office is, it made a sudden "splash". I looked down and saw that a pigeon had crapped on my right sneaker. I was very upset because I wore new sneakers and pigeon shit is persistent and difficult to remove. 
When I told this to my colleagues, someone said: if a pigeon shits you on the shoe while biking, then this brings happiness, because it happens so rarely!
And it's true! What an accurate timing it takes for that to happen.
So, I was grateful for the rest of the day for this special moment.

And so this is my "rara avis".

For more rara avis please visit Eric.

10 Kommentare:

  1. there's lovely connotations to doves, i find, and oh, yes! they do bring luck for their rare crap-moments. reminds me of the one time i had it happen on my sleeve while in bruges? i mean, imagine on your hair when visiting someplace? yikes.....
    let's keep it at good, good luck! n♥

  2. shit brings happiness - gilt das nur für den raren Sch. oder auch für den alltäglichen Mist??? Viele Grüße von Lucia und Danke für diese Geschichte

  3. i love how when we change our thoughts
    our feelings change
    so powerful

  4. Is rare avis poop so difficult to clean so it will be a reminder of all the goodness seagulls are sharing? Now I'm wondering if your shoe was ever the same again? Great photo.

  5. I agree with Tammie: changing our thoughts often changes too our feelings. The good, the bad and the rare...:) Thanks for joining. - eric

  6. HA! such a wonderful story- I often find it best to pull a gem out of the mud when one falls in- it's always there- the bright side of anything- your story is a nice reminder :)

  7. Ha ha ha, that's absolutely true Katrin. My Czech grandmother always said it was a sign of good luck and happiness. Apparently, luck and happiness gets stronger the closer to the top of the head the bird poo lands. (Not convinced of that entirely) Hope you have a very happy and lucky week ahead of you.

  8. mutiges Foto!
    Und eine feine Geschichte wieder mal aus Deinem Leben!
    Schöne Woche Dir
    x Stefanie

  9. I love this hilarious story, and how you connected it to the drawing challenge... great!