Sonntag, 22. Februar 2015

DC 159: Vein

For more veins please visit Veronica.


  1. yes ofcourse this is the real thing, i guess when you're confronted with this you don't have a romantic vision on them.
    putting the dreamer in me with both my feet back on the ground.
    hope you are fine dear.

  2. Oh ouch! You're a bit like me. Did you get a reaction from the tape? That's a kicker. I always get such a reaction from the adhesive in the tape. It's like a double wound, the needle and the allergic reaction. But I love the graphics and the sketch. Nice distraction. :D

  3. i hope you are well
    your drawing is a bit like a map to me
    interesting to consider

  4. yep! veins of life...! i like those spirograph type things up front though! n♥

  5. oh, i hope you are well
    but like others
    i like the drawing
    left and right

  6. I think i am not a brave man! sorry! Is this your arm? OMG! this photos impress me!!!!!!!!!