Freitag, 27. Februar 2015

DC 160: birthday cake

As I wrote in the invitation, I am not a passionate baker. Is perhaps the fact that I also do not like to eat cake. Is usually too sweet, and when I'm hungry, I'd rather eat something salty.

Therefore, there is my birthday cake from these meals:

my birthday cake!
salt beef
Pesto Genovese
And after all these 12 pieces I prefer fruit salad!

For breakfast I prefer pancakes made by my sister with quince jelly made by my mother. I love eating pancakes together with my nephew and my niece. That makes fun!

And now the question is:

what a cake will be on February 28 on this plate?
And now let's have a look to all the other birthday cakes from StefanieRobertoNadineLuciaTammieVeronicaTania, Sabine and Ariane!

Thanks for baking for this drawing challenge!
Enjoy your weekend and happy birthday to everybody!

Katrin - becoming older :-)

10 Kommentare:

  1. Happy Birthday to you - enjoy your day, celebrate your life and eat something fabulous, sweet or salty!
    Thank you for this dc.

  2. Happy Birthday auch noch mal auf diesem Wege!
    Your cake is online :-)
    x Stefanie

  3. hieperdepiep HOERA!
    happy birthday dear Katrin!!

    sorry that i didn't join this dc with it's wonderful theme
    bit i did make an apple crumble with plum compote
    i will eat a piece in your name, while shouting HOERA!

    have a fine day and weekend
    Patrice A.

    1. Dear Patrice,
      thanks for the apple crumble and your thoughts!

  4. fish, fish, fish!
    i'm telling ya. fish will be on thy plate.
    happy birthday salty tooth one.

  5. fun that you don't like cake much
    i enjoy a cake made out of the best and healthiest ingrediants
    but i prefer a glass of wine over cake most times ;-)
    Is your birthday today? if so: Happy wonderful Birthday! mine was last weekend. fun fun.
    thank you for being out host!

  6. Happy birthday Katrin and many happy returns of the day! I'm with you, and especially since I still can't taste sugar very well, bring on the savoury stuff! Mmm, now I want some toast and salty butter. :D Thank you so much for the fun challenge, you February baby you.

  7. a very happy birthday to you dear Katrin!
    i didn't find time to draw this week but i'm putting lots of (sea salty) wishes on that lovely plate of yours.(stepdaughter and grandson were staying with us for the week)
    that kässpätzle looks yummie.

    1. Dear Renilde,
      thanks for your sea salty wishes!
      See you in one of our next DCs.

  8. Liebe Katrin, meine herzlichen Glückwünsche zu deinem Geburtstag mit einem Rotkäppchen Gugelhupf:
    Herzliche Grüße und noch einen schönen Tag